are phone cards the better idea than carrying the i-phone

Hello phone card versus the i phone....which is better? we are leaving on the 18th of Nov.


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    I used my iphone on my last 2 trips. I chose the international option on my At&T service. It was an additional $30 for my monthly bill, but was well worth it. When my phone was not in use, I turned all of the "push" notifications, email, etc. off to avoid additional charges. You can talk to a representative to best understand which services you want to disable while traveling internationally. I also kept my phone on airplane mode as well. I used my phone to call home and to Skype my family (did that on the ipad as well). Hope that helps!

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    Just returned.
    Used my Verizon iPhone.
    Contacted Verizon to unlock for international.
    Purchased international micro SIM card, which gives U.S. and European phone numbers. Works all across Europe.
    Allowed me to keep track of email, have back up phone, etc.
    We had WiFi included at each hotel, so that worked well with the iPhone also.
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