Which airline to fly to Israel and back from Jordan

We will be leaving from Miami and would like suggestions as to which airlines everyone used to do this trip.Returning from Jordan instead of Israel makes it tricky. Any suggestions ? Were you happy with your air arrangements,whatever they were ?

Thanks for any info. Coleridge


  • Last March I flew Continental from Newark to Tel Aviv and returned from Jordan also on Continental.( I am not sure what you would get from Miami)
    The flight from Jordan left late at night and there was one stop. It was not too bad.Certainly exhausted upon returning home.
    Enjoy that trip. It is fabulous!
  • THanks so much for your reply. If you have any other advice you would like to contribute, love to hear it.
  • I have a similar question. We are just starting to look into airfare options for this trip. For us coming from Pittsburgh we can get USAirways flights in and out of Tel Aviv thru Philadelphia. As the trip ends in Amman, how difficult would it be to fly from Amman to Tel Aviv?
  • thanks again for the info on airlines. And again, any thing anyone wants to add about the trip would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi mate - I am on the same tour but coming from a very different part of the world (Australia) so have been looking at various flight options. I am headed in a different direction but I can say that it is quite 'pricey' to fly from Amman to Tel Aviv and then have to take another flight back to the states - so if you can avoid it then good but of course this may add time/layovers/flight length for many in the USA. One of your options is on Delta (I assume you may want to fly on some USA airlines for convenience) with a stopover in Rome (i.e. amman-rome-miami). Amman is a tricky one to get out of unless you want to stay somewhere else in between (like Cairo, Egypt) or don't mind doing many layovers.

    What is your order of priority? Cost, minimizing layovers, minimizing trip length ..is there anywhere else you want to see in the area?

    Reckon Philly is in the same boat ..you guys will have a connection in Cairo, Rome and maybe also New York.

    talk soon!


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