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  • This sounds interesting. I hope the computer boffins get the web site updated soon. I want to know more! I think I'll have to widen my let's go to wish list!


  • I just went looking for this forum again and couldn't find it. I never expected to find New York state classified as Southern. Then I saw the forum for the Michigan lakes was in the South, too.

    At a stretch I would have thought New York state would fit with New England, or at least the north east, if the purists objected. As for Michigan ... I don't see this working with any version of a Mason/Dixon re-draw ... Is there a cultural reason for these two trips, both geographically in the north of the United States to be listed in Southern USA? Just wondering ...
  • So glad to see that Tauck has changed the New York City hotel for 2014. It should make for a more pleasant stay for future guests and work as a much nicer full stop to an interesting itinerary. I wonder if they plan to run this itinerary throughout the year? August weather is appalling in the city and autumn overall is a bit limiting for such a pretty and historical part of the country.
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