Electric Outlet style on the riverboat.

I understand the single 110 volt outlet has an American style. How about the 220 volt outlets (for my CPAP) on the riverboats? Standard two prong or a grounded outlet?


  • Hi Rozz,

    Because I couldn't trust my memory I went and checked the boat details for one of the European trips here on the web site and this is what's there:
    Electrical Current – Each Riverboat cabin has one 110 V outlet to accommodate U.S. standard plugs. All other outlets are 220 V, 50 Hz, alternating electrical current that accommodate standard European plugs with two round prongs. To use these outlets you may need to bring the appropriate adapters and converters. The riverboat has a few adapters available for rent.

    All the boats are the same. I do remember packing my European plugs rather then the usual (for me) North American plugs!

    Have a great trip!


  • Great! Thanks.
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