us dollar versus chilean peso,argentinian peso,brasil rial

as far as buying power how far does our dollar do in all three countries?
thanks,mike from saratoga


  • Chile seemed the best or at least things seemed a little cheaper than in US. I remember Argentina at being simliar and Rio more expensive. Be sure to check out exchange rates!
  • One only NEEDS $50/country for emergencies ;e.g., taxis. Credit cards accepted as well as $$. Argentina weak so bartering/deals possible.
    Hotel concierge can recommend money exchanger (don't use airport) but for $50 exchange it is not worth an ordeal. Use excess local currency at end of trip for tips or duty free.
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    We were on the 1/19 tour. Argentina had the best rate. The official transfer rate was 4 pesos = one dollar, but using US dollars in most shops & some restaurants resulted in a rate of 6 to 1 and sometimes 7 to 1.
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