Sicily, The Amalfi Coast and Rome - Small Ship LePonant

I am considering this trip. Would like to hear from anyone who has taken the Small Ship The LePonant. I worry about the possibility of seasickness and rough waters. Also would like to know what type of clothes are worn onboard, and the included tours.


  • We did this trip this summer. It is a wonderful trip and the ship is great...but...we had high winds from Elba to Nice and the ship was rocking and rolling. Lots of people seasick and a couple of injuries. I was disappointed that the schedule of the boat was that crucial that they would sail under those conditions.
  • What are the preferred cabins on the Ponant. Size and position are important to us
  • We waited a year before taking this trip so that we could reserve the "best" cabin on the ship, since there was little difference in cost. However, there is also almost no difference in cabin size. Those on the upper deck have a window (3-4 times the size of a porthole) rather than a porthole. Some complained about the window because they thought people could see into their cabin from the walkway outside the cabin, but I tried under various conditions and could never see in through the heavily tinted window. Note that the cabins are all small. We were never able to fully unpack, and suitcases could not be placed under the bed. That said, we loved this trip - it was our favorite of 14-15 Tauck trips.
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