Need tennis shoes?

My wife and I will be on the January 17, 2013 trip to Antarctica. The info on the web site suggests bringing old tennis shoes for the possible visit to the hot springs on Deception Island. The documents we recently received for the trip make no mention of the need for tenniis shoes nor a stop on Deception Island. Is the possible hot springs visit still on the itinerary? Second question, we will be spending several days in Buenos Aries prior to the tour - is it possible to leave a piece of luggage in BA, that will meet us at the airport upon our return? Looking forward to the trip and meeting fellow travelers!


  • I would strongly suggest you call Tauck or have your TA do so to get the answers to your questions since you will be leaving in January.

  • I took this trip December 2011. The guides in Anarctica said that the tour no longer did the hot springs at Deception Island. As for the luggage, our guides did arrange for people to leave luggage at the hotel and then they had the luggage picked up and delivered to the airport. Since there are weight restrictions on luggage flying to Ushuaia many people left some of their luggage. If Rob and Bill are still the guides for the tour you will be in good hands. It is a fantastic trip. Enjoy.
  • Thanks Dallas! Also received response from Tauck. Deception Island is no longer on the itinerary.
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