June 21 trip

Is anyone going on the June 21 Black See to Budapest trip? I am going as a single. I arrive in Bucharest on June 20. Would like to take a city tour on the 21st so I can do the included Black Sea trip instead of the city tour Tauck offers. Does anyone have any information on Bucharest city tours?

Would love to hear from fellow travelers.



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    I would suggest picking up travel book to see what is recommened. I am using Rick Steves for my upcoming Italy trip and am getting lots of ideas.

    I took 2 river cruises as a single. I had lots of fun. I did Blue Danube and Rhine/Moselle.
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    Just thinking laterally here, Sue. I don't know where you're staying in Bucharest, but why not look up the hotel web site and look for the bit on "local attractions". Using that info as a start, you might be able to locate a tour that interests you on the net, or even as Crackers suggests, using a good guide book. You might find you can make your own reservations on the net or perhaps the concierge at your hotel can offer some help. I know the concierges at Tauck hotels are very helpful to Tauck travellers, possibly because of the tips Tauck Tour Directors hand out in actual money!;)



    PS. When I did the Amsterdam to Bucharest trip a few years ago, we certainly saw a lot of the city as the bus ferried us around. We saw most of the major sites along our way. We did the Black Sea trip as well ... I think it was a choice of this or that on the day. Of course, the itinerary might have changed since then. Whatever you choose, you will have a great trip. I, too, travelled as a single. I hope you have a lovely bunch of people.... I found myself wanting to type "coconuts", but that wouldn't be right!;)
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    Hi Sue,

    We did this river boat trip last August. We went in early and stayed at the beautiful JWMarriott hotel with Tauck. We met another couple on the drive in from the airport and we went to the concierge desk where they arranged for a driver to take us around the city. Some other people used the on-off bus which the concierge can tell you about. If you read some of the post on this site, you will find other info about Bucharest or just google Bucharest or go to tripadvisor.com to find out more info.

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