Onboard flatscreen tv features and programming content

Is there English language programming other than multiple news entities?
Do the flatscreen tv's have connectivity to iPads, etc. for movie viewing?
If so, are connectors and required wiring provided onboard?


  • My river trip was in 2010 so the equipment might have changed, but as for the available programmes ... There was a variety of available languages, English included. Broadcasters included English channels (BBC, ITN, etc.) and various European channels, as well. There were the usual international news channels. The riverboat provided a selection of movies throughout the day, and night, as I recall.

    Sorry I can't help with the hard wear question.


  • We sailed on MS Treasures in September 2011 and as Jan said above you could catch up on the news from a number of English speaking channels. There was no connectivity available for any personal computers/notebooks/Ipads etc. Again as Jan said there may have been changes to the units but I think only Tauck staff can answer that question.
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