What are the bugs like during March both in Peru and at the Galapagos? Is insect repellent needed in abundance?


  • We were in the Galapagos in March 2010 and saw no bugs at all, the weather was perfect. I can't comment on Peru as this was the year of the mud slide at Maccu Piccu and that part of the trip was cancelled.
  • Thanks for your response. It's very helpful.
  • I haven't been to Peru yet (going in March), but I was in the Galapagos in March 2011 and we saw a few swarms of small, midge-like bugs on North Seymour, but they did not fly around us or bother us. We didn't see any bugs anywhere else on the islands. We had zero bug bites of any kind. I've heard there are some nasty biting bugs at Machu Picchu, so I'm making sure we have plenty of bug spray on the upcoming trip.
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