Travel Insurance for UK Travellers

I have been on 5 previous Tauck Tours and never purchased your insurance protection.
I am thinking of booking a 6th. trip but would like Travel Insurance. I understand the difference between the Waiver Insurance at $110 and the full cover at $195, however there seems some doubt as to wether or not the full cover is available to UK travellers. Can you clarify the situation?
UK Dave.


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    Hi Dave,

    I can't answer your precise question. But, I can say that as an Aussie, I have purchased the Tauck insurance. When I first started travelling with Tauck, the product was only available to US based travellers. Now, for the past 5/6 years, it has been available to us. I presume you have downloaded the complete Description of Coverage ... you can find the link at the end of the description of the Tauck insurance product on each tour page here on the web site.

    If that does not give you the information you need, and if Emily doesn't get back to you in the next couple of days, can I suggest you contact Tauck, directly? I know insurance can be a tricky thing to deal with!


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    Hi UKDave,

    Thank you for your patience, I was able to get an answer for you. The full coverage is indeed available to UK travellers.

    Hope this helps,
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