Nov 7 Australia/NZ Tour - Pre-Tour Travel

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Tasmania is glorious! Wonderful food, charming locals, great wine and not a bad view in the whole island! An excellent choice. Most overseas tourists forget about Tasmania, let alone know it exists. But really, it's our little secret, so don't spread it around, okay? ;) (And I'm from Victoria!) If you only have a few days, I'd suggest staying in Hobart and sally forth from there on a couple of day trips. You will find all sorts of ideas on the web site. The place is rich in history and you will see some of the last and best examples of original Georgian architecture outside of England. Why? Because it was a long voyage from the old dart and the pattern books took a long time to get there.

As for Melbourne ... if you are into horse racing and racing carnivals (think Royal Ascot or Paris for fashion and Louisville for horse flesh ... you have picked the right time. And I am not kidding about the fashion. And everyone gets into it, depending on your fashion sense and level of interest. Hats and outfits from Target to bespoke. November 5th is the last day of the Victorian Spring Racing Carnival, which will mean accommodation will be tight and expensive. So get right on to that. NOW! The first Tuesday in November, this year the 1st of November, is Melbourne Cup Day. If you google all this you will find more than you ever wanted to know. It's a good time to visit Melbourne and surrounds. There are heaps of things to do in Melbourne and in the surrounding areas. Another good choice!

The weather can be changeable... that's what Spring is like in Melbourne, but better you be here with us than in the cyclone infested north! Only joking ... well, sort of. It is cyclone season in the north from November to March. Hopefully next season won't be as bad as this season. This season was truly deadly in every way.


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    More than you ever wanted to know about the Melbourne Cup and associated events. You can get yourself to the races by public transport. You will never see a better dressed group of passengers. Mind you, the return journey could be filled with much good cheer, if you get my drift! But never fear, it's a real community event so save a passing space ship with little green men, you will be quite safe catching the train.


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