Waking Shoes and Weather

I understand that comfortable walking shoes are important, but would like to know if we will be walking where shoes will get wet/muddy/dirty. When we are not in cities, will walks entail natural paths that might soil the shoes? I am also interested to know if the weather during most of the trip will approximate summer temperatures. Should we pack mostly for hot weather?


  • Hello Peony Rose,

    I see that you are leaving in a few days.

    The weather on this tour can be quite unpredictable at times. In Chile, Argentina, and Brazil temperatures range from the low 40s all the way to the upper 80s. This is a casual tour. Guests will likely wish to dress up for the first and last night dinner parties. A sport coat for the men and summer dress for the ladies is appropriate. It can be chilly in the lake country; you are advised to bring a sweater or jacket. The lake country can also be rainy; guests are advised to bring an umbrella or rain jacket. Shorts and bathing suits are suggested as well as comfortable walking shoes. Most important are comfortable, worn-in walking shoes with ankle support. Walking trails can be wet and muddy.

    Hope this helps,
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