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I have traveled outside the US and know that calling back can be difficult not to mention EXPENSIVE. Do not have a cell phone that is of any use outside the US so that is not an option. Interested in any insight anyone who had taken this trip may have. Don't expect to make frequent calls but like to be prepared in the event calling back is necessary. Thanks.


  • Because of a family emergency back home while we were in Turkey and Greece, we had to call home frequently. We purchased inexpensive phone cards in both countries and were able to keep in touch with family members. Although this isn't the trip you're taking, the same choice may be possible for you. Have fun on your trip. It's one that is on our bucket list!
  • they had the same thing in australia/new zealand tour. sure your TD with know where to get phone cards.
  • Hi Don,

    Although it was a couple of years ago, I used a phone card to call the States from Ecuador. I had to get a nice chap in the business centre of the Hilton in Guayaquil to make the connection for me because I don't speak Spanish, but everyone was very helpful and I made it through the tangled web that was the American Airlines call centre to sort out my flight back to Miami.

    I couldn't travel as far from home and for as long as I do at a time without the wonders of email. And these days, in most hotels where the internet is available, Tauck provide that service/connection as part of the room rate you've already paid before leaving home. Now it's even easier to keep up to date on the home front and most importantly, keep the bills paid.


  • Hi Don...we've been troubled by the same communications problem. A friend who travels widely suggested we rent or buy an international cell phone from The basic phone is $29. That's the only equipment charge unless you want a fancier phone. When you buy the phone, you give them a credit card number to which they charge your calls. We just got our phone. We will leave for Egypt and the Holy Land in mid-March so I was interested to see what the per minute cost would be. If you call the U.S. from Egypt, you pay $2.95 per minute for voice calls. Text messages you receive are free. Text messages you send are .80 each. Those rates are much more reasonable than others we have seen.

    We bought the $69 phone...not because it was fancier but because it works in the U.S.A. The $29 phone can call into the U.S from overseas but does not work here in North America. We wanted to test the phone before we travel and we have. We've sent our new phone text messages and calls. All work just fine. By the way, Mobal says its phones works in 190 countries.

    If you are not sure you want to buy a phone, you can rent the Mobal phone. Details are at

    I looked at satellite phones too and nearly gagged when I saw the costs.

    Hope this helps....Leo M
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