April 18th trip from Brussels to Amsterdam


My husband and I will be going on the April 18th trip from Brussels to Amsterdam and we're staying an extra day in Amsterdam. I already got tickets to the Ann Frank Museum, but I didn't realize we'd be going to the hotel on the morning of the 27th. My tickets are for 11:30AM. Does anyone have an idea how far the Museum is from the hotel? I usually never get to chat with anyone on the trips we take before we actually get there.

If anyone is going on this trip, I'd love to hear from you.


  • Hi juliem,

    I looked on Google maps and it looks like the hotel is approx. 3.0 km from the museum which is about a 10 minute taxi ride, 20 minute bus ride or a 35 minute walk. if you need further directions, the tour director can help you while you are in Amsterdam.

    Hope this helps,
  • Thanks so much for the info.

    We would probably take a taxi. I live in Manhattan, and we walk everywhere, but when I'm in a unfamiliar city and we have a timed ticket, I rather be safe than sorry.
  • Julie:

    We are on the April 23 trip from Brussels to Amsterdam. Where did you get the Ann Frank tickets? We will also be staying an extra night in Amsterdam, so if you have a good website to share, that's great. Sorry we are not on the same trip. We are from New Jersey and I often go to NY for theater and family in Brooklyn.

    If anyone is on the 4/23 trip, please reach out.


    You can purchase tickets to the Anne Frank museum here: http://www.annefrank.org/

    Hope this helps,
  • Sharrharr-

    I'm sorry we're not on the same trip too. We rarely meet people from the NYC on the trips, although we have always met wonderful, interesting people on our trips. We did purchase our tickets online, and just make sure you leave yourself enough time to get there, as these are timed tickets.

    I'm hoping the weather will be warmer than what we're experiencing in NY at this time.
  • Julie:

    I just saw your post. I hope you have a wonderful trip. We are leaving from Philadelphia and can fly nonstop both ways, which makes the trip so much easier.

    Safe travels. Sharon
  • You too. We did originally book a non-stop with Delta and they cancelled the flight. We now have a 3 hour layover in Amsterdam, which kills the time I planned to spend in Brussels when we arrive.
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    I have booked delta out of jfk on 4/22 and a return to newark out of amsterdam on 5/2, Both non stop, I hope one of those was not cancelled, delta still has the flights listed. Just purchsed tickets for Anne Frank House reall easy on line with the web Tauck has provided. See you in Brussels
  • juliem
    sorry I got confused on the dates thought we were on same cruise. enjoy your trip
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