Intercontinental stay

While doing some checking, I noticed that the Intercontinental Hotel in Cologne is no longer an Intercontinental Hotel but, rather, has been taken over by a German chain called the Dorint Hotel chain.

All of Tauck's literature and info indicates a post-stay at the Intercontinental Hotel in Cologne and the Tauck reservations agents aren't aware of this change with the hotel branding.

As good as Tauck has been, I am a bit surprised that their Worldwide Operations center has not communicated the change in any way...including to their own agents!

My question is: will the hotel accommodation for the 2 night post stay be the Dorint Hotel or some other hotel?

I have a couple of reasons I would like to know the answer, not the least of which is that my airline cancelled my outbound booking for Dec. 20th and we will be departing Dec. 21st instead and will need an additional night's room at whatever hotel we will be in!

Tauck, please provide us with accurate information re: the post stay accommodation.

Thank you,



  • Hi Walt,

    Just wanted to let you know; I saw your post and am working on getting an answer for you! I'll let you know as soon as I find out what's going on.

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