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Hello again travellers going on Australia New Zealand trip leaving April 29,2013. Is any one thinking about the balloon ride in Cairns? We have considered it but wondered if any others are interested. Would enjoy hearing from others going on this trip. Get aqainted via the travel forum then meet in Australia. My husband does not like to travel so I am going with a friend from the U.S. So if there are any ladies on your own, we can group up and I am sure we will have a great time. Look forward to hearing from anyone going on this trip.

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  • I just got back from the Australia New Zealand trip in March and had a wonderful time. About 1/2 of our group (including me) did the balloon ride and (except for having to leave for the ride at 4:20 am!!) we all really enjoyed it. If you haven't been on a balloon ride, I would highly recommend it.

    One piece of advice for the trip in general, it is much more casual than I expected. Leave your dressy clothes at home - you won't need them. "Smart casual" is as dressy as you will need - a nice top and pants are find. Also be sure to bring some warm clothes, it was a little chilly last month when we got to the south part of New Zealand, so it will be even cooler for you.
  • Thank-you for the information. I will re-think my packing as I did have dressy cloths and nothing really that warm.
  • I was there in Nov. and that was their spring, so I would say end of April you are there in fall, so would probably be very cool in New Zealand and Melbourne. I can't tell you about the balloon ride cause we got all the way there and they had to cancel do to an approaching storm. Other than that had a great trip. If your TD is Linda she was fantastic.

    Day of the Sydney Opera tour if you want can get tickets half off for the concert or show that is playing at the time. I went to the symphony was well worth it and a short walk from the hotel. Was back shortly after 10.

    If you go in early to Melbourne I recommend doing the trip to the 12 Apostles. Long day but well worth it.
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    A word about the weather in Melbourne & the South Island of New Zealand in April. It's autumn in the southern hemisphere, which means the weather patterns are changeable. Yesterday in Melbourne it was a truly glorious sunny 25C. This morning it's a showery 16C at 10 o'clock with a forecasted sunny 21C and tomorrow 24C. Who knows ... it's autumn. The forecast for Queenstown in New Zealand is for 17C and rain today, with 18C and sunny for tomorrow. The best advice is to think layers, and always travel ... anywhere ... with a small umbrella and some sort of waterproof jacket in your case. Just the normal sort of travel precautions you'd pack for a journey anywhere in the world, unless you're going to the Atacama desert ... doubt you'd near wet weather gear there!!

    Temperature perception is all relative. If you come from the tropics, 21C might be very cool to you. If you are leaving a snowy northern hemisphere, it might feel like a heatwave. It's all relative.


  • Hi,
    My husband and I were recently on this trip (March 2013) and did participate in the balloon ride. If you have never been on a balloon ride, then you should go. It is somewhat interesting, even though you have to leave at 4:20 ! We personally did not think it was worth it though as we have been on other balloon that were much longer and more scenic than this 30 minute ride. These rides were in Africa, so IMO this did not compare at all. In the Atherton Hoghlands we flew over farmyards, but only saw a few wallabys and a cow. But again, if you've never been on a balloon ride and you want to experience it then do it!! This is a casual tour and remember to pack some warmer clothing especially for the South Island.
    Enjoy your's a wonderful adventure!!
  • TL19711 wrote:
    In the Atherton Hoghlands we flew over farmyards, but only saw a few wallabys and a cow.

    Fair enough, but it was an Aussie cow, so it was bound to be stunning! ;))))))))


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