For anyone on the April 23 trip from Brussels to Amsterdam, I just learned that we will be rerouted on April 30, the day we are supposed to start our time in Amsterdam. It is Queen's Day and, unlike other years when it was just busy, they expect untold numbers of people because the Queen in turning the throne over to her son.
So, the river boat will NOT dock there that there and instead, end up in a small nearby village. The morning activity will be the same, but the free afternoon/evening in Amsterdam is canceled due to national security requrements. I am very disappointed and called Tauck. They promised that it will still be a memorable time that day anyway in the country and that the next day will resume in Amsterdam, although who knows how crowded it will be.
We are staying an extra night, but it is quite disappointing that one free afternoon and evening in Amsterdam is now out of the question for us on this trip.
Anyone out there booked for the 4/23 trip?


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    Trust me you do not want to be in town on Queen's Day. I arrived the day after and saw the mess for the next few days. I talked to someone that arrived on Queen's Day and the taxi could not make it to the hotel so they got out and dragged the suitcases the last several blocks. They said it was sooo crowded.
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    Well, if that's true that it's a mess, then it is the wrong time to have the trip go through Amsterdam, isn't it? That is supposed to be a highlight of the trip, and it seems that this tour will conftont the mess, right?
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    Hi Sharr,

    I sent you an E-mail. If you don't receive it, I will post the message in this forum.

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