Dangerous airport trick

Arriving at your airport, you see a man holding a placard
bearing your name and hotel. He explains that he is a driver of your hotel.
You didn’t expect that, but think he must be genuine because he
knows your name and your hotel. He does that, because he got
the info over the phone from an airport employee who handled
the immigration card you filled in. What happens next can be a
meandering, expensive journey to your hotel, a rape, a kidnap,
an attack, or worse if he takes you to his friends waiting in a dark
corner with a nice collection of knives. In such a case, call your
hotel for confirmation before you enter the car.


  • Thanks for the info. It is a good idea to see some kind of identification. When you go with Tauck, you can be assured a genuine Tauck will be holding a sign. We have been 20 Tauck tours and have never had a problem.

  • It's always helpful to know about possible travel scams, and be prepared for them beforehand.

    Two questions:

    1) What city/country was this in?

    2) Did this happen to you? If not, where did you hear about it?
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