What to wear on Gallapagos part of trip

I was wondering what the appropriate attire is for the Gallapagos part of the trip, particularly dinners on board the ship and the tours during the day. Any advice? Do the evenings stay warm?


  • everything is very casual. Most people doing snorkeling wore bathing suits and the rest wore shorts.

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    Hi CatLover8,

    As Sheila says, it's all very casual. Think practical clothing for the morning and afternoon excursions via pangars, then on foot over sometimes rough and stony terrain. Lunch break might mean changing socks! Dinner is more of a good scrub down and a change into clean clothes occasion! Don't forget a hat, preferably one with a chin strap, so that you don't lose your shade to the wind on the water. Sunscreen and moisturiser for after sun! Pack a spare day time outfit just incase you get a little more of you wet than your ankles! Falling in, (I took wet landings literally!!!) does put a crimp in your carefully worked out clothes allotment! I took my own walking pole, but Isabella has a supply. Very handy.

    It is a life altering experience... not the falling in, but that was quite entertaining, too!!! You will have a truly extraordinary experience.


  • To add to what Jan has said. Wear shoes which can take the wet landings and also keep you from sliding on the wet lava rock. My husband wore teva type rubber shoes with straps. A storm came up and everyone had to give the crew their wet tennis shoes so they could put them somewhere to dry. I would bring an additional pair just in case.

  • Thank you everyone. This is very helpful. Swimsuits, shorts, tshirts, hat with a chin strap, sunscreen & moisturizer, shoes that can handle wet rocks will all be in my suitcase. I may still sneak in a sundress you can roll into a ball and shake out for dinner.
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