Souvenirs in Peru and Gallapagos

I have many nieces and nephews and a few grandchildren. I love to bring them gifts from our travels. Any advice on what and when to buy items on this trip? I'm assuming there will be little/no opportunity during the Gallapagos part of the trip. Thank you!


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    There is only one opportunity to shop in town while in the Galapagos - there are a number of souvenir shops in San Cristobal before you start your cruise - mainly of the t-shirt type. There is a pretty nice souvenir shop in the airport at Baltra when you depart if you are interested in t-shirts there. Also the Isabela II has a small gift shop - not very well stocked when we were there however. In Peru, the alpaca items are a bit pricey, although I did find two nice scarves for gifts - lots of souvenir shops of varying quality in Cusco.
  • Thank you for your response. I don't really buy t-shirts anymore. I prefer local crafts. I'll look for alpaca items/scarves. Is there any local jewelry or colorful woven items?
  • There is lots of jewelry in Cusco - tourist stuff to high quality. I bought a beautiful pair of earrings in a jewelry shop just across from the hotel there. There is a stop when you are on the bus at a place to see llamas and other animals, watch weaving, etc. A big alpaca store there and a smaller one adjacent. I found some nice scarves on the sale table in the smaller store. In the Galapagos (I didn't buy anything) I think it's mainly the t-shirt sort of stuff.
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