Jewels Along the Nile - November 24, 2011

May be a "shot in the dark" this far out, but is anyone else booked on the Nov/24/11 "Jewels" trip?? We look forward to meeting a great group of people, & enjoying a wonderful trip!


  • Hello - we are also booked for the Nov 24/11 tour. We will be arriving there a day early. Looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the group. We are assuming there will be more that 4 of us on the tour. See you in November.
  • Hey enc_rnc! Welcome. Looking forward to meeting you as well. Are you going early or staying late? Right now, we are traveling from Texas & arriving in Cairo 5 days early so we can see some of the lesser-known areas & sights --- before we "upgrade to first class" with Tauck! :-)
  • Hi kennetro. We will be arriving in Cairo the day before the tour starts. We will be coming from Jordan and the Isreal/Jordan Tour that starts November 8. We are thinking there will be several people arriving early. This has been the case for most of the Tauck tours we have taken. After spending 5 days on your "pre-tour" you should be able to suggest some things we should do on our extra day. :)
  • All the information has been great--thanks to all who posted. We are arriving for Jewels along the Nile, Nov 23, also after the Israel Jordan tour of Nov 10--we arrive the 9th. Look forward to meeting you all. The Kings, Norfolk, VA
  • One more question--luggage. Most tours we have been on have made the same suggestions as those for this trip. We have found however that almost everone also brings a wheeled carry on that they themselves are responsible for taking from room to bus, storing in bus and then retrieving. This is not a problem and as we are doing the two tours back to back, the extra bag will be handy. What was your experience with this? Thanks
  • Welcome Francesca! We are so envious of both you & enc_rnc for taking the Israel/Jordan tour in addition to "Jewels". I can see where that could cause a luggage dilemma. Sorry, but this is the 1st time we've ever had to pack under any luggage restrictions, so I can't impart any words of wisdom from experience. That said, we are in the same boat with you (no pun intended), as we are continuing to Spain for an additonal week after "Jewels" (before returning to the USA), and it will definitely be MUCH cooler in Spain in December than Egypt! If it makes you feel any better, at our age, we usually can't even tell you what we had for dinner the night before, so we more than likely won't remember what you wore the day before either! LOL Regardless, I'm sure we'll be having so much fun, clothing won't be much of a factor. We're also wondering if we'll have to leave some of our clothing there, in order to have room for purchased "mementos". Decisions, decisions.
  • To Francesca,

    We each took a rolling 16" x 12" carryon when we took the Egypt/Jordan trip two years ago. They just don't want you to bring two large bags per person as some people tend to do. There were several charter flights and I believe they took the carryons from us and we saw them again at the hotel. We have been on 17 Tauck tours and never had to worry about llttle things.

  • Thanks to all who replied to my luggage queries. Just re-read the "luggage" portion of our materials and now see that the restriction is to 44 pounds instead of the usual 50. Will the luggage be weighed for the flights within Egypt?
    So excited and looking forward to meeting everyone!
  • Hi Francesca,
    Glad to know there are more people combining the tours of Isael, Jordan, and Egypt. We arrive in Tel Aviv on the 9th. As for luggage, we have traveled several places with weight restrictions and it depends on the country as to how strict they are with the weight. We usually have 2 carry-ons (not too big) when we travel and always plan to do laundry during the trip. Our Australia/New Zealand tour guide told us about a Laudry in Sydney that was VERY reasonble. About 1/4 the price of the hotel. You can usually get laundry done anywhere we stay more than 1 night. I agree with kennetro, no one will remember what anyone wore the day before. Most of the time I do not remember what I wore. See you in 3 weeks!
  • To emc
    We also arrive in Tel Aviv on the 9th. I believe our flight gets in at 2:40 in the afternoon. We fly out of JFK.
    So guess it's ok if we bring at leat one carry on. I hate dirtly laundry in my suitcase so I bring detergent and wash things out everynight!! It's all the little things that seem to take up space and weight! See you soon
  • To Francesca - We arrive at 9:20 in the morning via Newark. Maybe we will see you at the Hotel - if we are still awake when you arrive. If not we will see you on the 10th.
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