Do men need sports coats?

We are going on the Spirit of the Desert June 6th, with an extra day at either end? Is there any reason for the men to bring a sports jacket?


  • I can not speak regarding this tour in particular, but on all of the other tours that I have been on (19 total), the only time people get "dressed up" is for the welcome and farewell dinners. The men at these times might wear a jacket and tie but not everyone does. Sometimes the men might have a jacket but no tie and sometimes they wear a tie but no jacket. The decision would be up to you and as to how dressy you want to be.
  • Hi Sam,

    On top of Kathy's great advice, I'll throw in a few ideas relevant to this trip and possibly other desert journeys. I did this trip last September and autumn was tickling at the mountain tops and aspens. So men did wear jackets.... but they were the casual kind, worn for the layering effect. Since you're going in June, maybe that jacket would just be a light one? Mountain weather can be changeable, no matter the time of year. I just took a quick look at my photos from the farewell event and there were no jackets in my shots. Doesn't meant that some guys did wear them. That's down to personal style.

    The only other thing I'd say is that if you are not used to altitude, like me, and know that it does affect your general mobility, like me, discuss what medication might work for you with your doctor before you leave home. It's a very individual reaction and I've come across some travellers who are somewhat dismissive of the effects, I suppose because they are used to altitude. Last year I took medication and it worked well for me. Sure, any kind of fizzy drink tasted very peculiar, but that was a small price to pay to be able to walk out to Bright Angel Point at the Grand Canyon. The pills didn't make me any fitter, mind you, :)) .... but I didn't have to huddle by the bus as some other travellers did. It was no hardship to avoid soft drinks for a few days and I sure enjoyed that G & T I ordered in Las Vegas! Just something else to throw into the pre-travel preparations!

    This is a fabulous trip. Absolutely fabulous.


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