Portugal and Spain Tour on September 29, 2013

Can anyone comment on Viator Tours in or out of Lisbon? The general feeling is that Lisbon Explorer is the best choice for filling a day or two before the Tauck tour begins.


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    as Salgadeiras Restauante
    Rue das Salkgadeiras, 18
    1200-396 Liboa (Bairro Alto)

    You wont be sorry.
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    Hi Pilot couple,

    Don't have any info on Viator Tours. However, I am arriving two days prior to Spain & Portugal tour of 9/13/13 and have booked "Around Alfama Tour" and "Hidden Lisbon Tour" with the Lisbon Explorer group. Other Tauck travellers highly recommended this company and these two tours in particular. Whatever you decide, have a wonderful time.

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