What clothes etc. do I need to buy?

I'm booked on the Feb 8th 2014 cruise. I have lived in San Diego, California, since 1975, and do not ski. If the temperature drops to 30 degrees F it is an extremely cold night. I have no cold weather gear at all, and will have very little use for cold weather gear after the cruise.

I understand Tauck supplies a parka, and I can rent boots, but will need to buy waterproof pants. It sounds as though ship interior temperatures will let me wear my normal clothing.

For upper body clothes, I'm planning to look for knitted wool or silk pullovers. I can wear a couple of layers that would work individually for a cold evening in San Diego.

What sort of gloves should I get? Hat? Will light weight slacks plus waterproof pants be sufficient, or do I need another layer of lower body insulation?


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