Money For RussianGlories/Baltic Treasures Trip

For previous travelers on this trip, did you just rely on a ATM card, or did you carry money for the different countries that we travel to?


  • Hi. I'm wondering the same thing. (I'm on the June 22 trip.) I was in St. Petersburg last summer and our guide paid for our lunch in rubles, and we reimbursed her in dollars. I used my VISA for purchases in a couple of stores, and if I remember correctly, prices were also shown in euros and dollars -- the souvenir stores will take your money regardless! This trip, though, I think I'll purchase some rubles since we'll be on our own for a few meals. Same with Latvia and Lithuania, especially Lithuania since we're arriving early. Good thing we can use euros in Finland and Estonia!
  • Hi am also wondering the same thing as I'm on the August 22nd trip and am trying to determine if I need to purchase rubles.
  • no need to deal with money until you get there. you'll be able to get rubles on the train to st petes. and there are atms and money changer stores if you need. we mostly used our credit card (be sure to call and let them know youre traveling so they dont shut you off!). our credit card did not charge a conversion fee when we used it.

    when we landed in vilnius, i exchanged $40. i found that was enough.

    you can read about our trip (june 27 - july 10) on our blog

    have fun. you're going to love it!
  • How were you able to re-charge your computers? Will we need a converter? "Aunnie"
  • to charge your computers, cell phones, and other chargers, you'll need an adapter. look at the charger: if it shows 110-240v on it, you only need an adapter. most modern chargers can handle the dual voltage. if your piece of equipment doesnt, then you need a converter.

    some of the hotels even have a 110v plug. i bought a dozen adapters on amazon and threw them in my bag. and i have A LOT of electronics!

    enjoy your trip. here's my blog from my trip
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