Scotland currency?

I was told that Scotland uses the pound sterling and not the British pound (GBP) as thier currency. Does some one who has been on this tour know if this is correct?

Thanks, Donna


  • Correct.
  • Thanks Nial,

    We are going on the England, Scotland & Wales tour and we thought we would need only one type of currency for all of Great Britain. I guess we were wrong.

    Thanks again.
    ~Donna ~

  • It has been several years since we were in Scotland, but at that time they accepted British currency. However, the Brits weren't too keen on accepting Scot's currency, and we made sure we didn't have any with us when we went on to London.
  • found this on the internet

    The Scottish currency banknotes differ in design from English ones, but are of the same value and are accepted everywhere in the UK. English notes are accepted in Scotland. I have to admit though that if you are going from Scotland to England and call in at some very small shop, the shopkeeper might look at your Scottish money a bit strange!

    And it said Scottish pound is pound to pound with English pounds. Right now the exchange rate is $1=1.45 pounds
  • crackers54 wrote:
    Right now the exchange rate is $1=1.45 pounds

    Don't you mean the exchange rate is $1 = 0.653£ or 1£ = $1.53 (as of 1600 6/4/2013)?
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