Request recommendations Regarding dress code

What is the prefered dress during the day...can one wear jeans?
I know that evening is dressy casual.
Will it be warm enough to wear shorts around the hotel?
I know shorts are not recommended during touring.



  • Hi Sue,

    Daytime wear ... go for practicality and comfort. Pack things you can layer. I've been to the area twice, taking both the longer & shorter journeys Tauck offers. That's how much I enjoy the Maritimes and their people. I visited in June/July and the weather was warm, although the mornings could start out a little chilly. I'm sure jeans would be just fine, as long as it isn't too hot! I saw lots of longer line shorts and capris in every possible length.

    You are in for a wonderful trip. Prepare to eat your weight in marvellous local fish and seafood! Yum!


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