Amazing! Spain and Portugal

My husband and I just got back from the Spain and Portugal trip. This was a fantastic trip...there really isn't anything I would change about iit. Our TD was fantastic. We thoroughly enjoyed the variety of activities we participated in. To any future travelers on this trip, we are sure that you'll have a great time!


  • Thanks --for the info-- We are going on the Sept23rd trip -- this is our fifth Tauck Tour-- the best!!
  • My bride and I are on the Sept 21st tour and have a question about dress. Are shorts for men or jeans for women considered too gosh? We are looking forward to the trip. It will be our second Tauck tour and then we are going to do the Waterways and Vineyards in France. Any helpful tips?
  • In May many of the men wore shorts, the others wore casual slacks. A few women wore shorts, but most wore capris. It was too hot in May for jeans. Have a wonderful time!
  • Thanks. I see you took the tour about this time last year. How were the weather temps in mid Sept?
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