My agent contacted us to let us know this trip was cancelled--Black Sea to Budapest. I do not see any updates concerning this trip on the website. Has anyone else been notified of this cancellation?


  • Which departure are you scheduled for, pinksky? If you go to the front page on the Forums, then Announcements, you will see the current flood notice. I think there is a link on Tauck's home page, too. This will contain the latest information, I believe. Otherwise, contact Tauck directly.


  • Thank you for the quick reply. We are scheduled for the 21 June departure. There is not any information on the website--I will call Tauck when they open.
    Again, thank you.
  • SueSue
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    I was also scheduled on that trip and was to leave today. Tauck called me yesterday and canceled. Apparently the boats are unable to get through the locks. It's very depressing as I know we were all psyched to go. We will get full refunds.

    Maybe next year!

  • Hello pinsky,

    We apologize that your river cruise was cancelled, we monitor the situation hourly on a daily bases and it was determined that we would not be able to produce a satisfactory river cruise experience.

    Hope this helps,
  • To Sue and Pinsky,

    I can well imagine your disappointment in your riverboat trip being cancelled. Tauck has done a great job of informing their customers immediately upon info received from their European staff and also giving them back their money and not a voucher for next year. Go to and you can read about the other companies on the rivers in Europe who are not notifying people or giving them a bus trip once they arrive in Europe without cadequate compensation.

    That's why we are going on number 20 Tauck tour next year!!

  • I saw on the internet today that Ruse and Vidin in Bulgaria, two ports we were to visit, are under water.

  • Hi Sue,

    We were on the same River Boat cruise last August and had the opposite problem -- the Danube was going dry near the Black Sea. Tauck was soooooo wonderful. We were in Bucharest when they told us that the boat would be docking before getting to Bucharest and we would be bused to the place to board. The people aboard the ship were taken off a day earlier and bused to the five star hotel the JW Marriott. We all got vouchers to use on another trip because we were inconvenienced. When we boarded, the crew came out to help us down to the boat since it wasn't a regular dock. We thanked the Captain who stopped the boat before it would be stuck on a sandbar on the dry Danube. Some people on our tour chose to take a 10 hour tour to the Black Sea and out for lunch and dinner before joining us on the boat. We had already been to Constanta and decided to have a leisurely lunch and go to the boat.

    Whenever you rebook, I know you will really enjoy the cruise.

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