Jewels Along the Nile Departing January 12th?

We are four jolly travelers who really look forward to this tour. Anybody else embarking at this time?


  • HI -- I am from Virginia and look forward to this trip--which I have wanted to do for years. Glad to have found this site and know of others who are taking this tour.
  • We plan to arrive on January 11th to overcome the jet lag (and to see the belly-dancing show in the hotel's nightclub before the serious touring begins).
  • I am also arriving on January 11th, precisely as you say to recover from the long trip over. The Mena House Oberoi is acclaimed as a beautiful resort with a wonderful view of the Pyramids. Glad to know of the belly-dancing show--but am also thinking that if I'm sufficiently recovered there may be time to arrange a small tour in the city. I have already found the concierge very helpful on arrangements. Where are you coming from?
  • Although we will fly to Cairo out of JFK, we come from California, Montana, Minnesota and Florida respectively. (We are all family.)
  • Well now.... It looks like we will switch over to the January 16th departure of the Egypt & Jordan tour and take the Egypt only portion of the tour. We would return to the U.S. within a day of the original plan.
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