Flooding impacting trips

Are these trips possible now. Anyone know


  • i have been following this problem for weeks. the lock at krems is not open, which means we might have to complete the trip by motor coach. not very happy about that. if i planed a motor coch trip i would not of booked a river cruse. very disapinted in the way Tauck is handling these trips. my trip starts on July 5, 2013.(Blue Danube)
  • I will forgive you. Just this once. Because the Forums are totally discombobulated. (Look that up in your Funk and Wagnalls.) But the Danube does not flow through Western Canada. Or anywhere else in North America. Even Funk and Wagnalls will confirm that.

    If you have a beef about the European floods and the results, a prayer to the Deity of your choice might have a better result than blaming Tauck. Yes, it is very, very unfortunate, but even Tauck, as good as they are, are not responsible for the floods. They have handled their part with stunning professionalism. Just imagine if you lived in one of those flooded, European towns. You really would have a reason to be Very Disappointed, Very Traumatised, even. Perspective is everything.

  • I believe arl_nocaps is referring to the severe flooding that is occurring in the Calgary area. I'm on my way to the area next week and I would be interested in knowing the impact, as well.
  • This is almost surreal! We left the area just two weeks ago (Tauck's Grand Canadian Rockies) and everything was so calm and beautiful. The Bow River was low and our float trip on it was as smooth as silk.

    Thoughts and well wishes for everyone (residents and guests) who are in the area now.
  • I am also on my way to Calgary next week. Glacier Natl. Park and Canadian Rockies with a few days on the front end in Calgary. Any news from Tauck?
  • Tauck Emily has posted on this Travel Forum today and also on Tauck's Facebook page as to the status of the Canada tours. Please look there.

    Tauck is doing their best to keep everyone of their customers informed as to what is the current situation at time of posting.

  • Mother Nature is not always cooperative with the trips we plan and save for. When planning a trip all you can do is say prayers that yours is not affected by bad weather. I took the Colorado trip a few years back and we were told the only reason we had all the wild flowers on the mountains at that time of year was, because the 2 previous tours had lots of rain.

    Tauck does do their best to give a quality trip even though it is not the trip we expected. My Blue Daube trip a few years ago stopped just short of Passau and we had to be bussed for our day to that town (would have been so great to just walk off the ship that day) and we had to be bussed to our last stop to tour before we went on to Prague.

    In booking any River Cruise you never know if the levels will be too high or too low the week you go.
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    We just returned home yesterday from Calgary after traveling there on Thursday for the Canadian Rockies and Glacier National Park tour. Our trip was cancelled on Friday. Many other of our travel group had also arrived early on Thursday. We were heartbroken that the trip was cancelled, but there really was no choice. The city of Calgary was under a state of emergency and closed down. The power was shut off to our section of the city at 7:30 am Friday.

    Friday afternoon, a Tauck tour director arrived, Mary Murrin. She had great difficulty in getting to the Fairmont Palliser from the airport. She gathered us all together and obtained info. that she needed to get us back home. Within two hours she had all of our airline reservations. We had to rise at 2:30 am Saturday to get a ride to the airport. Our limo driver had to park behind the hotel, so we had to walk with our luggage about a block to the limo. The flooded roads are causing those kinds of problems. Mary Murrin was just terrific--professional and efficient in a crisis.

    We are grateful we were well cared for by the Fairmont Palliser staff. They were amazing and managed to keep elevators and hallway lights working. They also managed to provide Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner buffets that were delicious and plentiful. We ate by candlelight for all three meals :) The dining staff acted as though nothing was out of the ordinary.

    I'm not sure how soon Calgary will be up and running again to accommodate the tours. Tauck is completely refunding all of our reservations and costs, including those we incurred the day before the tour was to begin. We are most impressed with Tauck's handling of the situation.
  • waiting anxiously for a tauck decision . will the june 28th trip be a go. hotel-delta - kanaskis is not open - so that means a change in itin. anyone hear anything today??
  • Can we get an update on the situation in Calgary, etc.? We are booked on the Best of the Canadian Rockies and want to know if our trip is impacted. I suspect that the flooding has receded but don't know if there are any continuing problems with facilities or activity changes.

    Since Tauck has our phone numbers and email addresses, it would be easy to send an update.
  • Hello Bob Haar,

    There are no changes at all to the itinerary– all hotels and activities are the same. Calgary bounced back very fast with the flooding. We’ve had quite a few tours in Calgary and the Rockies since and no issues.

    Hope this helps,
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