September Canyonlands tour

What will the weather be like in early September? Why does it say to bring a bathing suit? What does one wear for the Colorado River rafting experience?


  • Hi Sher,

    Average daytime temperatures in this region vary from 95 F to 75 F, during the summer months and between 70F to 45 in the evenings. Be prepared for occasional
    extremes as evening temperatures in the higher elevations can be quite cool, and Phoenix may be very hot. We suggest that prior to departure to check the weather forecast for the region. The website is a useful resource.

    For the river rafting experience, we suggest shorts, water shoes like Tevas or other shoes that you wouldn't mind getting wet. It’s a mild rafting experience, but it’s possible to get your feet wet getting in or out. The swimwear is suggested because pool is available at Four Seasons Scottsdale.

    Hope this helps,
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