Does Tauck give us guidance on wardrobe?

Hi, Folks,
My friend and I signed up for this long before it was on the books. We love the L'Austral and are looking forward.
Will Tauck help at all with wardrobe necessities as in list and contacts for boots, etc?


  • Hi Cyberedie,

    Comfortable and casual clothing is recommended while on board the ship and ashore. For daytime and evening wear, including the Captain’s welcome aboard and Farewell parties and dinners, casual dress is recommended. In spite of our advice, some gentlemen guests are only comfortable if they wear a sport coat or blazer in the above situations; other shipmates may choose to dress a bit more formally as well. Slacks, sweaters, turtlenecks, etc. are suggested for both men and women. Appropriate footwear includes at least one or two pair of deck-type, rubber-soled shoes.

    Air is a very good insulator. Therefore, if you trap air in several layers of clothing, you have a better chance of staying warm than if you wear one or two very heavy items. You will also be able to add or subtract layers more easily to remain comfortable at all times. Wool and silk are superior to cotton because they can trap warm air. Synthetic fabrics that spring back into shape after compression are also good. Polypropylene and Polar fleece gloves, turtlenecks and pants can be purchased from any of the outdoor outfitters.

    Off the Ship
    Tauck will provide you with a special, water-repellent hooded parka that you will receive aboard Le Boreal or L’Austral. This parka is yours to keep. Although this will serve you well during the Antarctic expedition, you may want to bring along your own windbreaker for those areas where the temperatures are more moderate.

    Pull-on rubber, unlined, waterproof knee-high boots (14" to 16") with strong rubberridged, nonskid soles are required. These specifications are VERY IMPORTANT. If you do not have boots, you will not be able to participate in shore excursions. You may be stepping into water up to 10" deep. Moon boots or leather boots are not appropriate. Shoe-liners are good insulators (in addition to wool or synthetic socks) and can be dried out easily since they are removable. Your pants should be placed over your boots to maximize dryness. Be sure your boots fit properly with heavy socks on your feet.

    Please also pack the following clothing items:
    During the land portion, lightweight, casual clothing is appropriate. Choose clothing made of comfortable, cotton, woolen, knit, and permanent press fabrics that can be layered for warmth if necessary. In addition, for women skirts, shorts, or slacks with short-sleeve blouses are recommended. For men: shorts, slacks, and polo-style shirts. Remember, it will be warm in Argentina. Sweatshirts, as well as silk turtlenecks, are good insulators. Good quality, pull-on, waterproof rain pants -VERY IMPORTANT for spray in the landing crafts and wet landings.

    Warm pants to be worn under the waterproof pants - for example, polypropylene, wool slacks, corduroys, jeans, sweatpants, thermal or silk underwear, etc.
    Warm socks - good material choices are silk, fleece, and polypropylene. Waterproof mittens or gloves. A hat, as well as a scarf, neck gaiter or other face protection.
    A swimsuit for the possible hot-springs dip at Deception Island and pools in warmer climates.

    Being prepared for your Tauck Antarctica Expedition will keep you warm and dry and get you “up close and personal”. To help you, we have selected New Headings, , to help with expedition essentials - waterproof boots, pants, mittens, and hats; wool socks; thermal underwear; lined explorer pants; binoculars; and other top gear that is waterproof, windproof, insulating, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying. You do not need to buy from this store, it can be used a as a visual for things you may want to purchase for your trip.

    Hope this helps,

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