Shorts and Laundry

My husband, two teenagers and I are going to Spain/Portugal on June 23. We can see its getting warm there. Are there any days on the tour where it is appropriate to wear shorts? Also, what are the best opportunities for laundry?


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    My husband and I were on this trip in May. It was an awesome trip! Shorts can be worn pretty much everyday. For laundry opportunities are available for sure in the cities where you spend more than one night. It is pretty expensive using the hotel, though. Our TD knew of a place in Marbella where some of the people on our tour got a whole bag of laundry done for 9 Euros. They were pleased with the service...we didn't use it because we did some of our laundry by hand. Hopefully your TD will know of this place or of a similar one. Remember to take a hat and sunscreen...this was necessary even for us in May.
    Happy Travels!!
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