land tours for Magical Musical Danube

HOW much walking is involved on the land based aspect of the tour? I am travelling with my 85 year old mother in june 2014


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    Hello Nova,

    There is a moderate to significant amount of walking on this journey. This tour may be rigorous because of the amount of walking that is necessary to fully enjoy the itinerary. Travelers should be in good health and must be able to walk reasonable distances over cobblestone streets and uneven ground. Some of the sightseeing can only be accomplished on foot and will occasionally be more than a mile. It is important that you have sturdy, comfortable, and worn-in walking shoes. We regret that wheelchairs and scooters cannot be accommodated on this tour.

    Which June 2014 departure are you on? I can then provide a day by day breakdown of the walking/activity level.

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    That would be a great help! We are booked on the Magical Musical Danube river cruise. My mumsy is a ' very high functioning' 83 year old, and she has started to increase longer more demanding daily walks in her routine in order to improve her fitness. She is very excited at the prospect of this trip.
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    DO you need my email address Emily, in order to give us a breakdown of the amount of walking and degree of difficulty associated with the Magical Musical Danube? It is christopher.ffinch@bigpond.com
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