Travelling w/Oxygen

Hello Tauck travellers/experts...I will be taking my first Tauck Trip on the Oct. 31st Grand Australian/New Zealand tour. One person in my travelling party requires oxygen when he exerts himself and I would appreciate any advice/tips from anyone who has travelled w/someone who required oxygen. The oxygen is not required full-time, but we would like to have it with us to provide for a more comfortable overall experience for our family member. This will be our first extensive trip where we feel the oxygen may be beneficial. Thank you for your assistance!! Looking forward to my first Tauck Trip!!
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  • Just so happens I have a medical equipment company. There are portable oxygen concentrators available for rent online. The are FDA approved for the airlines. They range in size and battery life. Take the time now to check them out or speak with the oxygen provider your family member is currently using. They may have a system available to rent. Lots of people travel with oxygen now. Just be sure to have a way to get a replacement unit if something were to happen. I believe the battery life will be your only limitations if using while out.

    I will be on the September 29th trip. Hope you all have a great time!!
  • Hi Karen,

    Thanks so much for your response!! We'll look into renting w/the oxygen provider regarding the rental.

    Please post when you get back about your trip. I can't believe mine is just over 2 months away!!

    Have a great time and thanks again for your reply!

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