Christmas Market Cruise

When walking around the Christmas Markets are the streets shoveled or are they snowy and icy. Also, is there a lot of snow in the beginning of December. Is it a good idea to bring boots?


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    We've taken two Christmas Market cruises and loved both. One was in December of '08 on the Rhine. I took boots, but didn't need them. The other was in December of '10 on the Danube. Once again, I took boots and this time I wore them every time I was off the boat. It's much better to be safe than sorry! Be sure you have warm gloves, warm socks, long underwear, and be sure to layer. I wore a quilted coat with a hood both times and was fine. The streets are kept fairly clear, and I never felt like I was in danger of falling, even though it was snowing at least some of the time in '10. An umbrella can be useful, even if your head is covered. The winter of '10 was colder and snowier than it usually is in December. Just take the proper clothing and you'll be fine whatever the weather is. The Danube was also higher than usual, which meant that the boat couldn't go under some bridges, causing us to have to be taken to a couple of our stops by bus. We were touring with Grand Circle and they took wonderful care of us when these problems arose. I'm sure that Tauck will take care of you equally as well if similar situations should arise. T
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