Stockholm to Copenhagen: 5/20/2012 - 6/1/2012

This will be our first experience with Tauck. Any and all insights would be greatly appreciated.

Sun City Center, FL


  • My husband and I are also booked on this same trip. This will be our 3rd trip with Tauck and have been very pleased with this company. They do everything right!
  • Have you done one of their small ship cruises before? We have a friend on our street who has made 6 trips with Tauck and loves them. However, she hasn't done one of their cruise/tours.

    How "formal" does dress need to be? We are casual folks and my husband will always carry a "just-in-case" tie.
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    This will be my first cruise & tour with Tauck and my first visit outside of Canada, Baja California, Alaska, Asia Pacific, South Pacific and the USA.
    My first cruise was to Hawaii in 1957 and my last cruise was to Baja California in 2010. In addition to cruising I have also toured via train through out the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Japan.
    I did do a small ship cruise to Glacier Park, Alaska in 1986. The boat carried about 54 passengers and went into some very small inlets and along side of a few glaciers. The passengers were fun and full of adventure, the crew was attentive, meals were great, accomadations were superior, and the fellowship was outstanding.
    I am looking forward to this cruise and visiting Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Lativa and Russia.
    It would appear that dress will be casual, but I am sure there will be a few opportunities where evening attire would be acceptable.
  • Thanks Derek. Sounds like we now know at least 3 couples who will be on the same trip! Yeah! The smallest ship we've been on was a Viking River Cruises trip from Basel, Switzerland to Antwerp, Belgium back in 2007. If I remember correctly, it was 198 passengers. The Tauck will be our smallest to date.

    We're now back from an October trip and starting to finalize the details of our first Tauck excursion, albeit 6 months away! Our trip was Athens, a cruise from Athens to Rome, then Rome. It will be interesting to see what, if any difference, there are in countries outside the EU!

    Would also love to hear from folks who may have traveled with Tauck in this area before, perhaps this year's equivalent. On the small ships, what is the dress code. We are not formal evening dress folks. The trip we just returned from never required a tie, or even a jacket, just what has become known as "elegant casual", a term used with apologies to Miss Manners.

  • We have traveled with Tauck 10 times and it is one of our favorites. The other two are Maupintour and A&K. We toured the Greek Isles with Tauck two years ago on Winstar and toured China in October 2011. Obviously we think they give the most bank for the buck. The accomodations are always excellent such as the Waldorf Astoria in Shanghi. Food and recommendations are always outstanding. I am sure that you will enjoy this trip. We also have it scheduled Southbound.
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    raf wrote:
    Have you done one of their small ship cruises before? We have a friend on our street who has made 6 trips with Tauck and loves them. However, she hasn't done one of their cruise/tours.

    How "formal" does dress need to be? We are casual folks and my husband will always carry a "just-in-case" tie.

    We are also doing this same trip but leaving 5/12/2012 ... Anybody else ?
    I have traveled 3x with Tauck, the last trip on the sister ship of LeBoreal, ( L'austral) last fall...
    These ships are like mini cruise ships with 1 hallway & 6 levels ..

    1/2 the ship was not Tauck.. but not to worry, Tauck did a nice job with their groups..

    On our last trip, Venice- Croatia, nobody was dressed formally, Men often wore
    Jackets to dinner, or suits but never Tuxedos or formal gowns... many men did wear ties..

    I am also casual & even left my ties home.. Its your vacation & you should feel comfortable to dress
    as you like.. ..
    ..Scandanavia will be a little cool, especially on deck & a sport jacket
    would be quite comfortable...
    I choose to wear a blazer, dress shirt & slacks..

    The ship has 2 dining venues.. 1 a DR where you sit & are served... and a buffet which is more
    casual... Have a gret trip !!
  • We are on the 5/12/12 trip and are very excited. This will be our 9th trip with Tauck. We did one other cruise...Greece and Turkey which was fantastic. My biggest concern is that it might be COLD. We are pretty casual we are not bringing too much dress up. See you in Copenhagen...we have a night free before the trip. Judi
  • Hello all. This will be our third Tauck excursion and first of their small ship trips. We have a bias toward smaller ships because of the greater access and toward Tauck for the quality and added features of each tour. I am planning to bring a blazer and dress slacks plus a couple of dress shirts. We expect this will be like our trip to France last June when daytime temps in the 60s along the Channel coast were quite brisk. Layers, always layers.

    For first timers, I think you're in for a treat and a memorable trip. We look forward to traveling with you.

    JPM - Colorado Springs, CO
  • Thank you to everyone for all the great info! Yes, we too are casual folks, however always travel with something to wear for dressy occasions, never formal attire! We too like smaller ships and are looking especially forward to this one. We took a 15 day Rhine River cruise in 2007 with Viking. Our 4 cruises since then have been 1 with Oceania then 3 with Regent. At the present time, Regent is by far our favorite line. That could very well change after the Tauck experience!

    Documents came a couple of weeks ago, then last week, we received a replacement set so we are ready to go! We're leaving here on May 16th, will spend the night at the airport then head to Stockholm on May 17th so we will be in a couple of days early.

    See you on board!

    Ruth & Tom - Sun City Center, FL
  • We are arriving Stockholm at 8:00 AM Saturday morning May 19th and will be staying the extra night at the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel. Plan to do some extra sight seeing Sunday, and will check out the area around the hotel Saturday. We have been advised to check with the concierge upon arrival for information regarding special events happening that weekend and unusual sites nearby that are not on the Tauck city tour.
  • We are also arriving on Saturday but not til early afternoon. Looking forward to meeting everyone on Sunday night.
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