Great article on traveling to Antarctica

The October 2013 Issue of National Geographic Traveler has an article on traveling to Antarctica:

"The Great White Hope" on pages 98 - 106.

Page 106 has lots of practical advice on When to Go, What to Bring, What to Read, and Shooting Pictures in the Cold. Of course, Tauck's website is good also. The boots that Tauck's supplier uses are the Muck Boots. Muck has a large number of models 16" high and rated at -40°F to 60°F or -20ºF to 70ºF. I am leaning toward the Muckmaster or Wetland. They are available at most horse riding & stable supply stores, and by mail order from outdoor outfitters. I think it is important to try the boots on with warm socks before buying. I have tried them on and like the fit. I didn't buy them yet. Even if you rent Tauck's boots, you can try them on near home before you pick a size. I am booked on a December 2014 Tauck trip and very excited about it as you can tell.
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