Possible cancellation by Tauck

Has Tauck ever cancelled a trip before? Our trip starts in Israel on Oct 3rd....just about when Syria may retaliate against Israel if the US sends cruiser missiles?


  • As far as I know Tauck does not cancel a tour unless there is a problem. When the rivers in Europe were above flood stage, some of the river boat cruises were cancelled. I am sure that if the situation with Syria would put a group in danger then there might be a cancellation or modification of the tour. Tauck monitors the situations in areas where they have tours and do everything to keep their travelers safe. Luckily I have not experienced this personally but have met others who have.
  • Hi Coto, I was advised if safety is an issue Tauck will cancel the tour.
    If you are on the trip and there is a possibility if danger, you would be taken out of the area. I am scheduled for Israel and Jordan and waiting to see what's going to happen in Syria.....and also thinking of postposing until May.
    It's a bummer going away with this type of a problem. Are you still going forward with your trip on Oct 3rd?
    There's much to do in preparation for your trip. I understand your dilemna.
  • We have now had two trips cancelled by Tauck. The first, a riverboat trip, was cancelled halfway through, due to flooding on the Danube. Tauck tried to rescue the trip by busing us to some of the ports, but when it became clear the waters were not receding, the trip ended. Tauck was very good about refunds and a stipend toward future trips. The only problem there was getting a refund for a prepaid post-trip hotel stay, and I suspect that was because one employee did not follow through with the refund.
    Most recently, we were scheduled to take the Egypt/Jordan trip beginning on October 7. Tauck held out until it was time for the final payment, a month ago, and then cancelled the trip. Again, they have been very generous with picking up change fees, a stipend toward a future trip, and easing the transition for planning another trip. Fortunately for us, there were openings on a trip that we were planning to take next aroiund the same time we would have traveled. Of course, changing air flights and upgrading cost a lot more (another reason to seriously consider going with Tauck for air), but that was our choice.
    This will be number twelve with Tauck, and we wouldn't think of going with another company!
  • We were going to Egypt in October. We made our final payment on a Friday. The following Monday the trip was cancelled. Our travel agent said she has never worked with a tour company that was so wonderful to work with. We are now heading to Peru. Tauck has been fantastic. This will be our 5th trip with them and there are non better.
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