Do all the hotels on the Canyonland Tour have pool & TV ?


  • I went on this tour two years ago. We didn't stay at the Four Seasons so don't know about Scottsdale. Remember you are on a National Park tour. All the places had TV except Bryce. It was the most rustic. Maybe by now they have TV. Lake Powell had a pool. Not Bryce and as I recall not Grand Canyon or Zion. We stayed in very clean nice places which were close for all of us to see the majestic beauty of the Parks. A wonderful trip. Really didn't miss TV.
  • I just did the Red Rocks and Painted Canyons tour which is the Bridges version of Canyonlands. The National Parks (Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion) did not have pools. The other hotels did. All except Bryce had TVs. I agree with flatlands64 when it was stated that one didn't miss TV. The scenery was so magnificent that one wanted to take it all in.
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    Thanks for the information . I have a son with special needs that I hope can make the trip . I'm sure the sights & people will keep him occupied. I was just wondering about downtime @ the end of the day
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    Hello Tylerspapa,

    I confirmed with the tour manager for this tour and Bryce Lodge does not have TV in the rooms or lobby. All of the others do. As for pools, the Four Seasons Scottsdale, Westin Kierland, Lake Powell Lodge, and Four Season Las Vegas all have swimming pools.

    Hope this helps,
  • Your special needs child should be fine. By the time you arrive at the destination for the day it is just time to see the scenic beauty right outside your room and then it will be time for supper. Most of us were ready for bed because each day we were up rather early to travel or see the park on our own. He should be fine. I am a former Special Needs/Reading Specialist so that would be my perspective. A wonderful opportunity for him.
  • Thanks flatlands64 that makes me feel better especially coming from a sped teacher
  • Tylerspapa - You might also want to have some activities to do while on the bus. Having just been with children on the Bridges version, we found that sometimes the ride was a little long and they were getting "antsy". Their parents had some activities orcomputer games without sound or with earbuds to help pass the time. The children that I was with knew to bring something because as a retired teacher, I knew the bus ride could be long without something to occupy them.
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