Antarctica Tour-Doctor's Certificate

We were planning to do Antarctica with Tauck in Jan 2014. A friend who has done the same trip said that Tauck will require a Doctor's certificate. What is this about? What does the doctor have to certify? Can any one help?


  • Check the tour page at -

    Need to Know / Health and Activity

    "Medical Forms - In compliance with the Antarctic Treaty and the rules of the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators all guests will receive a medical health questionnaire that must be returned to Tauck, completed in full no later than 100 days prior to tour departure. Failure to do so will be interpreted as the guest's desire to cancel their cruise and in which case all published cancellation penalties will apply. The medical questionnaire, completed fully, is a mandatory requirement "to respect safety rules of the polar zone". Any false information may lead to a refusal of embarkation of our guests at the port of departure. The medical questionnaire must be retained by the cruise ship company until the end of the cruise. "
  • Hi karankashmira,

    My husband is on the January 19th trip. Is this the one you are on? He called Tauck and got a copy of the Medical Form and had it filled out by the doctor and he mailed it back to Tauck. There is a lot of info on this board if you scroll down and read all the posts. I also really suggest you re-read the info from Tauck. There is also some kind of new law for passengers arriving in Buenos Aires which requires a fee upon entry. You have to fill out the form on line before traveling there.

  • I've just finished doing the medical paperwork, except for picking up my doctor's portion from her office. There seem to be two concerns:

    1. Can the passenger handle the demands of the trip?

    2. Is it safe for the passenger to be out of reach of major hospitals?
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