monument valley

I read some comments about the area;
How close to the area do you get? After flight is there any land travel?


  • On the Canyonlands tour I took several years ago you landed in Monument Valley and they took you to a women to see how they make things and out to see formations that are unbelievable. Was worth every penny.
  • When we did this tour several years ago, it was an add on option for 1/2 a day. Totally worth the couple hundred dollars we spent each. The flight alone was amazing, then we had a great land tour where we were driven to a native's hut, got to go inside and see how they live - then had a great tour of the area - saw all the famous formations where many famous movies/westerns were filmed and stopped at several Indian craft sites where we bought all sorts of hand-made items, jewelry. It was one of many highlights of that trip for us.
  • I just did the Monument Valley option in July as part of the Bridges tour to the area. As the other replies to your question were, we did the same things. After landing we went to a hogan (Native dwelling) and learned about Native life and then toured through the Valley. You go to John Ford Point and see the view that was in numerous westerns. I would highly recommend this addition because the scenery is unbelieveable on a tour that if full of unbelieveable scenery!
  • Thanks for all the good info. My wife and I are planning this tour (2014) and wanted to make sure that we got to see up close the formations. Your discriptions are what we are looking for, meeting the people and viewing the sites by land.
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