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Recently home from the September 26th trip to Israel & Jordan. This was everything we have read about here -- and more. Simply a dozen or more experiences rolled into one. Felt safe, secure throughout. Great hotels, food beyond measure and, for those that cherish Mediterranean diet, dining on meze will never be the same state-side. Our guide, Mark, was top-notch and shepherded us for 14 days without a single glitch or missed stitch. Also, the local guides working with Tauck were superb. We chose to do a small group -- there were 21 of us -- and we moved about without waiting on lines or getting stuck in crowds. (Arriving in Tel Aviv at the end of the Jewish holidays was timely, for the entire country seemed to be on a "tourist pause" ... the large crowds having left with the heat of summer.}

This was our second Tauck trip and, God-willing, not our last. The group of travelers we were with were a congenial bunch and we got to know everyone in amiable ways.


  • Hi Rose,

    I'm taking the tour mid November.
    I'm glad to see the tour was everything you had hoped for and more.
    I'm constantly hearing I will have a good time.

    I'm taking a battery charger for camera, old phone (not planning on using unless emergency), and a curling iron. All the chargers say "100-240V 50-60Hz". I believe this is called dual voltage.

    I was going to take ONLY an adaptor, but I called a well known company called Magellan's, and a gentleman advised the adaptors for Israel and Jordan are different. He also said in Jordan they use either the J,C, or F style adaptor, and in Israel the D. He wanted to sell me something called a Eurosurge that plugs into the wall and then the adaptor goes in it. There's a big difference in price getting the Eurosurge and adaptors vs just adaptors.

    Can you please tell me what you brought on the trip and how it worked out for you?
    Tauck couldn't give me a good answer regarding this matter.
    A relative said, she thinks an adaptor would do the trick, but I don't want to blow out the appliances.

    I'm only going to use my phone in an emergency. It's the battery charger for my camera that's my main concern.

    I appreciate any advice you can share.

    Thanks, and once again, glad you had fun.

    How was the weather?
  • We took a small adapter clearly marked for use in the Middle East. However, it did not fit the plug in Israel. The hotel desk was very helpful and let us borrow one for the duration. A different adapter was needed for Jordan and, again, the hotel stepped forward and let us use one -- sent one to our room post haste. (As an aside, we had a little problem with our room and called the desk. The response was overwhelming. My wife said, "I believe we have created an international incident!" That, it seems, is what traveling with Tauck is all about -- service.)

    As far as adapters go, I would go to Radio Shack and ask them for something that is compatible in Israel and Jordan. No guarantees here, however!

    Also, I suggest you get yourself an extra fully-charged battery for your camera and take it along. Have a wonderful trip.
  • Thanks for your note.

    I bought a small adaptor for use in the Middle East in CVS it says Travel Smart. It might be the same one you had. It cost about $5.00. Radio Shack was the first store I went to, and as you said "no guarantees it will work".... although you get a full refund in thirty days. I found the store overpriced. Maybe Staples would have it.

    I wrote to both of the hotels in Jordan. They advised they have adapters to lend. I had a feeling in Israel the hotels have the same policy. Someone on another site, wrote you can pick up a Jordan adaptor in Jordan.

    I have three sets of batteries waiting to be charged up and two memory cards.

    Did you need bug spray?

    I hope you had a good time.

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