Length of walks/type of terrain

We are curious about the length of walks and type of terrain covered during the Canyonlands trip. Any thoughts?


  • Hi! Did this tour several years ago, it's fantastic. If you click on the quick info part of the information about the tour, it says level 1 , with up to a one hour walk. I do not remember anything strenuous, though you can do some extra optional walks in your own free time which we took the opportunity of doing. At the end of the week we needed MORE exercise after all the usual tons of food you get on the Tauck tours!
  • I did the Bridges version of this tour this year. It is basically identical to the Canyonlands. The walking at the Grand Canyon is fairly flat looking over the Canyon rim. There was a walk included of about an hour with stops to observe the landscape. Lake Powell has only a small area to walk and is paved. To get to the overlook of Bryce there is a hill but the pathway is paved. At Zion you are within the canyon again with paved areas. There we took a tram that stopped at various places where we could hike trails. I only took the hike from the first stop heading deeper into the canyon back to the lodge area. It was a fairly easy walk. As British stated, there is the opportunity to do more strenous hiking but that is on your own. One could also just sit on a bench and take in the magnificent scenery!
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