Luggage Recommendations

My husband and I are taking this trip at the end of September. I am struggling trying to decide what kind of suitcases we need; and also what is the best carry-on luggage. We have old suitcases and carry-ons now, and inasmuch as we probably have to buy something new, I wonder what brand/style people found easiest to use.



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    The most important thing in luggage is to make sure you buy ones that have wheels including wheels on the carryon bags.

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    TravelPro is a good brand
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    If you plan to do more traveling in the future then invest in a good quality suitcase scale and go shopping with that when you are looking for suitcases. 4 wheelers can weigh considerably more than 2 wheelers--which of course means you take less--unless you wish to pay overweight fees. We always have to do more juggling with things on our return, so the scale (which we take with us) comes in very handy. One of the best $30 investments we've made. I buy the lightest suitcase I can find--curretly the one I have weighs 8 pounds, was only about $60 and I expect to get another two years out of it if it wears like the ones I have had in the past. The same for carry on. Some European airlines are strict about the carry on and will not only weigh it, but also measure it. My husband hates to take a carry on so I bought a folding bag, with pull down wheels at the airport--at the $10 store. We keep it for our return trip when souviners are filling our suitcases. Happy travels
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    Victorinox Swiss Army. Expensive, but extremely durable and a lifetime guarantee. I'll never buy another brand of bag. For my carry on I use a global type. It's 16"x20" and meets both domestic (US) and international requirements and expands an additional 2".
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