Maritime Museum?

We will be taking the Spain and Portugal tour, starting Sept. 23rd. The Monastery of St. Jerome (Mosterio dos Jeronimos) is listed at being visited the first full day of the tour. How much time is allowed for the visit? Will there be time to visit the Maritime Museum (Museu de Marinha) which is in the west wing of the monastery? Not everyone is interested in ships and the Age of Discovery, but this is one of the things Portugal is famous for.


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    My husband and I were on this trip in May. We spent at the most an hour at the Monastery. It was very interesting to us and had nothing to do with ships! You also visit the Coach Museum during your city tour...this is also quite interesting. We spent about 45 minutes at the Discoveries Monument which is at a different place. Personally I wouldn't miss any of these sights. You do have free time after you arrive back from Sintra, etc. the next day if you want to visit the Maritime Museum. We found the taxis to be quite reasonably priced.. This was one of my favorite Tauck trips! Happy Travels!!
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