April 2, 2012, Spotlight on Australia tour

Hello All,

We have booked this tour and are excited about seeing the highlights of Australia. We would like to get acquainted with our fellow tour mates before hand. We would also be interested in hearing of your before and after tour plans. We will Arrive in Melbourne on Sat, March 31, two days early. We are doing this to enable us to go to church(Catholic Mass) on Palm Sunday. Also we are staying in Sydney 3 days after the tour until we board the Sea Princess on April 15 for a 29 day cruise back to San Francisco.


We were very disappointed to learn that a day has been taken out of the Australia tour for 2012. The result of this is that we will be flying from Cairns to Sydney on Easter Day. Attending Mass on Easter day is extremely important to us. We had planned on foregoing the Rainforest Tour to enable us to attend Easter Mass in Cairns. Now we do not have that flexibility. I hope that a provision will be made so that those who wish to go to Easter church services may do so.

Thanks, Don & Liz Hall


  • Upon reviewing the schedule for the 2012 tour, I see that on day 7 (Easter Sunday) there is time allowed in the morning for an optional balloon ride. Hopefully, that will also allow for us to go to Easter Mass, 8:30-9:30 in Trinity Park (6 km from our hotel).
  • We will be on the April 2nd tour. We are from New Jersey and are flying home when the tour ends in Sydney. We will be arriving in Melbourne on Friday, March 30th. We are interested in hearing from other people as well who will be on this trip.

    Felice and Alan Brenner
  • Looking forward to meeting you Felice and Alan. We fly to San Francisco tomorrow and will arrive in Melbourne on Saturday, March 31. We have booked a Great Ocean Road (Early Return) tour for Monday, Apr 2.
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