Israel and Jordan

My husband and I have enjoyed several Tauck tours. Now, we are scheduled to travel with Tauck to Israel and Jordan on October, 27, 2011. I would love to hear from anyone who has recently returned from Israel and Jordan...or anyone planning on the October 27 tour. We are excited but feel a little uneasy about visiting this part of our world. I would appreciate any comments. Thank you, Mo


  • No worries. Tauck would not take you anywhere that wasn't safe. We had no safety concners while we were there. As our guide in Jordan said, "We are a quiet country in a noisy part of the world".
  • Mo,

    We are also on the Oct 27th trip, and have some of the security concerns, but have also been reassured by friends who were there in April, that they felt totally safe. They were even up in the Golan Heights and near the border of Syria and did not feel at risk. We decided to bite the bullet, and hope the "Arab Spring" does not extend to Fall.

    This is our 4th trip with Tauck and haven't been disappointed at all. We did the Eqypt/Jordan trip in Oct 2009 and loved it. We will only be doing Israel this time and will spend a couple extra days in Jerusalem. I loved Petra and the Dead Sea Resort. Be sure and bring a bathing suit so you can float in the Sea and plaster the black mud on yourself. I didn't have a suit and missed this experience and have regretted it ever since.

    We are looking forward to meeting you and the rest of our group.

    Tom & Cathie H

  • This is also our first trip to Israel. We are on the Oct.27th tour. We also had safety concerns but have been assured by friends that Tauck would not take us into any dangerous situations. We have been checking into cell phone rental(Amigo and Travelcell). Does anyone have a recommendation? Also, we would like to tour the tunnels under the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Is there any time to do this on our own?
    We are looking forward to the trip!
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